veka koestinger


My name is Veka Koestinger, my pronouns he/she/they. I was born in Oaxaca (Mexico). I lived in Spain and now I’m currently living in France. I’m 23 years old.
I’ve always been attracted by art, I believe it’s my passion. I’ve studied cinematography in a club at school for three years and now I’ve graduated from The School of Image Gobelins. I’ve studied photography and videography and I’ve started taking pictures on my own for about 7 years.
Photography is a very interesting art that allows me to express so many different emotions and beauties, it also allows me to create new worlds.

I’m mainly inspired by my twin sister, the human body, people, the cinema, the lights and the absurd. I sort of have two ways of taking pictures. One is through the obsessions I have, like water, chiaroscuros, birds flying, the moment and more. Theses pictures are taken in the moment, its like i’m taking notes and observing what’ s happening around me. Most of the time I observe, I love seeing people living and being. I find humans fascinating. The other way is by controlling everything that’s on the frame. I know what I want the picture to look like, and plan everything ahead. I love creating scenes, moments that questions the viewers and from which they can image what happed before or what’s going to happen after.

Through my pictures I want to show myself, my thoughts and weirdness.

Welcome to planet Veka

If you would like to purchase one of my artworks or for any other enquiries send me a email at via the contact button.


GROUP EXHIBITION in the Zephyr & l’Olivier galerie, 17 rue François Coudreux in La Chartre-sur-le-Loir, from the 16th to the 27th of December 2023. With the artist painter Stephanie de Malherbe.

GROUP EXHIBITION in « LA CÉSURE » space, 13 rue Santeuil in the 5th district of Paris, the 7th and 8th of June 2023. Showcasing our diplomas at the School of Image Gobelins.

GROUP EXHIBITION in an appartement in the 4th district in Paris, from the 26th to the 29th of May 2022.

GROUP EXHIBITION in an appartement in the 4th district in Paris, from the 10th to the 12th of December 2021.

GROUP EXHIBITION in the Tia Gourmet, 73 Rue des Halles Tours, France from the 6th of June to the 5th of July 2019.


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